A crescent-shaped white beach that shines in the dark moonlight found by accident by an American pilot on a night flight. He named it ""Moon Beach"" after its breathtaking beauty.
Later, in 1975, "Hotel Moon Beach" was established on this beach. That is how the history of Okinawa Beach Resort began.

Afterwards, while resort hotels were opening one after another around the west coast of the main island, "The Busena Terrace" started business in 1997.
The open-air space, inheriting the spirit of "Hotel Moon Beach," the original Okinawa resort, has matured into an Okinawa-brand hotel that is embraced by the nature of the subtropics, and welcomes the world with Ryukyu hospitality.

Then in 2021, the new hotel brand "MB Gallery Chatan by The Terrace Hotels" was born, managed by Moon Hotels and Resorts and The Terrace Hotels, both entities which have shaped the opening of many doors for Okinawa's resort hotels.

The unique culture built up through the ages of Ryukyu and Ryubei culture* lives on in this sophisticated space, creating relaxed time with the friendly hospitality that is typical of the island.
As the name "Gallery" meaning "corridor" suggests, our hotel centrally located offers guests an opportunity to wander and experience the many "neighborly unique" island enthusiasm.

A mixed culture born in Okinawa during the American administration from 1945 to 1972

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